Half Ball Balance Trainer

04 12, 2021

A half ball balance trainer is like an exercise ball that has been cut in half with a platform on the bottom. We may already leave your ball balance trainer in the corner. In fact, a balance trainer is a great piece of fitness equipment for cardio exercises. They can be used either ball side up or flat side up. Both sides violate the law of balance, forcing users to exert muscle mass to maintain stability. So, if you want to improve your core strength and challenge your body, choose the best ball balance trainer and follow the 5 ways you can pick to hit your goal.

If you find yourself walking like a penguin, running liking a gorilla, or you find that muscles of the whole body fail to produce power evenly in the process of dead pulling, or always feel uncomfortable on your waist, then there is nothing to wait for, start doing ball balance trainer exercises.

Suitable crowds

  1. A person with a weak core

  2. Pilates enthusiasts

  3. fitness enthusiasts looking for fun sports

  4. An elderly person with acute or chronic pain disorders

According to the 2013 journal of the strength conditioning research, 44 elderly people who did the least amount of exercises in their lives were divided into two groups and assigned to bosu and Swiss ball classes separately. After 12 weeks of training, the students in the ball balance trainer class improved greatly in both walking and running compared with those in Swiss ball classes. So ball balance trainer training is really good for core balance and covers wild crowds! So what is the bosu exercises?

Wave speed squats, feet standing on the round surface, advanced people can choose to stand on the flat platform, and then tighten the core, bend hips, hips as far back as possible.

Bosu push-ups

Hands on the plane of the bosu ball like regular push-ups, remember to tighten the ab core, so that you can not only improve pectoral muscles, but also enhance your body balance control in the training process.

bosu push-up

Bosu sit-ups

Let your upper body lying on the half ball, and knee bending in the comfort. The distance betwwen the feet is about the same width as the shoulder. Then put your hands on the back of the head, tighten the abs, do sit-ups. Pay attention to your breathing and movement rhythm. Compared to the ordinary sit-ups, the bosu ball increases instability, bring a upgrated sit-up training.

bosu situp

Bosu plank

Elbows supporting your body on the ground, feet on the rounded surface, advanced students can also put your arms on the ball,and feet on the ground, and then tighten the core, do planks.

bosu plank

Bosu standing

Feet on the round surface, to maintain a constant speed of breathing, legs normally alternately up, hands naturally swing.

Bosu one-leg standing

This is for advanced trainers. Feet stand on the round surface of the bosu ball, tighten the core, then lift a foot, hold for about 45 seconds, try to keep your balance, and then change into the other side.

Buy Wavar Ball Balance Trainer 

  1. ECO Material: environmentally friendly and non-toxic PVC, the non-slip base & anti-skid texture improve user stability. Wear-resistant ABS base with 6 slip-resistant feet and anti-burst technology guarantee safety during use.

  2. With Handles and Bands: Two detachable resistance bands with soft foam handles modify your workout and increase difficulty. You can even attach your different bands when you're ready for increased resistance.

  3. Portable: Easy to inflate and deflate, this lightweight design is great to take with you to the gym, or wherever you like to train. 23” ball diameter provides ample workout space for a better user experience in a wide variety of exercises.




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